Decent tire deals?


Anyone know of any decent tire deals these days?

Having trouble finding good prices for 26ers that are not going to break the bank or let me down.


When I bought my last fat bike tire, Valley Stove and Cycle had what I wanted for much less than I could find it for online.

If you go the online route and need to spend more for free shipping, I’m also going to need new tires soon. More than happy to tack on some extra tires.


CRC. I purchased a 29er High Roller 2 for 47 dollars shipped. Never paid any fees other than 8 buck shipping.


Jeff, I might have something for you. PM me.


I’ve had good luck with deals on Bike Discount. I’d also be willing to go in on an order to save on shipping.


MEC…but my 26’er is my beater winter bike and I put $26 Kenda Claws on it.