Diamondback Mason 2?


Hey all. New guy here recently re-bitten by the MTB bug. Is there anywhere in town a guy can see/sit on a Diamondback Mason 2 by any chance?


Maybe Sportchek or Atmoshere can order one in for you?


it’s super late in the season so if you call some of the local bike shops you might find something similar at a good price, unless you’re sold on that particular ride. 27.5 plus trail hard tail? there’s bound to be one around people need to get rid of. in addition to the shops in the city give some of the shops outside the city a call, too. sweet ride, hub cycle, banks, valley stove, bike monkey; any of those might have a bike to fit the bill


Thanks for the suggestions!


The Bike Pedaler had a few decent hardtail trail bikes on hand a while back, might still have them.