ECMTB Fitz Camp-n-Ride - 17 June 2017


Your ride I’ll pitch in for gas?


So…who’s camping? people book their sites?


Camping…booked a couple days ago. Gonna bike out Sat morning with Will Seamus. Karla will be driving out avec guitars. Debating taking the dog out. I will likely stop out in the evening on Friday too, much like last year. Gotta loosen up the legs and have libation or two in an offering to mountain Gods…Hopefully the weather works out.


No site, just planning to camp out in the back of my car.


Booked a site for Saturday night


@gtrguy, if you’re on the fence, Aimish maybe this will entice you!


Definitely tempting but family coming for the weekend… hoping to sneak away for a quick ride but they might notice if I’m gone that long!


I popped into the campground on Sunday. It looks like it is in good shape.


IanMHFX do you know yet if you a are going up for the day?


Looking less likely now; I’d swear this was scheduled for Sunday, not Saturday, when I first looked.

I’m at the track in Dartmouth until noonish, so by the time I got there it’d be only a little bit of riding before it was time to head home again.:pensive:


Here is one ride at Fitz I did recently to whet the appetite:


The forcast changed once again…lets hope they’re wrong! It is Nova Scotia after all…


Caribou is still 60% of showers for Saturday. We bet on that and won many times.


I have bet and lost a few times up there with thunderstorms now too, lol. They were still great days overall, however.


The sheltered area will be great for the post ride get together if it does spit on us.

Also, better than rain before the ride from a trails point of view.

Still it is only a chance of showers.


Currently it looks like the weather will be okay for the ride, but the post-ride festivities and camping over night will be a bit wet going by the current forecast. Fingers crossed it moves further along!


I will only be showing up for the ride. Unfortunately work has requested I work until 7pm this evening.


Going to have to bail on this one. I’m hoping to attempt the 6 hour mud fest on Sunday. Wish me luck lol


Another time, @childs82. Enjoy!


Beautiful at the campground’s tonight. Spit a bit earlier but cleared up.