ECMTB Group Ride - Tue Feb 20th - CANCELLED


No ride this week unfortunately…too soft and wet out there today. See you next week.


I wish every one thought this way. I m going to the woods to fix some damage. Not just the bike ruts. Bootholes and moto ruts abound!


Trainer night!


A crew of us rode in Victoria Park in Truro on Sunday, nice and frozen. But at least one had been through the skills park when it was muddy, I caught a frozen rut and got kicked sideways out of a jump. Managed to land it, but decided to skip the skills park after that. :triumph:


Skills park in Victoria Park was a mess Thursday Feb 14 when we were there. Probably kids riding it because no one with any sense would want to. Work will need to be done to the pump track too. And @IanMHFX Sunday’s ride was fun despite all the ice. Thanks @Chris_Dwyer-perkins for leading the way.


No problem! Thanks for coming! I’m always looking for reasons to head up to the park! Wasn’t expecting to lead but I didn’t mind :stuck_out_tongue: Was surprised how many came out for the ride!