ECMTB Jerseys - 2nd Order


The road jerseys are available but are significantly more expensive and would require a minimum order of 12. Unfortunately, I don’t see this as a possibility at this time.


If there are no minimum orders required I would like a Womens Large Long Sleeve please (or a mens size small would be fine also)… and yes a mens small = a womens large ?? crazy


Great - thanks for checking. Will email you some money (now or later?)


As long as I have it by mid february, I’m good.


medium, long sleeved for me. any kiddie size long sleeves too?


I will check on the minimum order for kids jerseys


Was there a minimum order for the Womens Long Sleeve @riderx ?


I hope not.

Please get the word out that we can get them, Michelle. I don’t want anyone feeling left out.


There is a minimum for long sleeve in general, but not gender specific, so no worries.


Is there a size guide?



I putt my vote in but like others I think I would like a long sleeve.


For those who would like to pay for their jerseys, please send an email transfer to

Please include the following:
Real name
Online Name
sleeve length
and password to get the transfer.

The jerseys will be ordered at the end of this month but certainly any payment now will be greatly appreciated!


I’ll drop some cash off to you next time I see you.


Do you accept :beer: or bitcoin?:nerd_face:


Unfortunately not, cash or email transfer works well.


Of course, interac - sent. Long sleeve medium for me mike. Thanks much.


For those ordering jerseys please send me your information and payment as I will be making the order at the end of the month.


Hopefully not too late, just remembered to do this


Not too late