ECMTB Jerseys - 2nd Order


@FatbikeRepublic, where is the best place to post this for our friends on the rock?


We will be extending the opportunity to buy a jersey until next Monday. Partly because there are still orders coming in, and because I am in the midst of inventory at work and will be waiting until we’re done there to make the order!

The contact is Mike at


I’d say post it to the Fatbike Republic FB page. It will get shared from there.



Hey Jeff

I thought I responded to your email . . . but I’ll respond again. :slight_smile:

Just post it to the fatbike republic facebook page.



~ Loyal Squires

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Posted. Thanks Loyal!


The Jerseys have been ordered!!! They should be here in about 4-6 weeks.

Woo Hoo!



The jerseys have arrived!! If you haven’t paid @riderx yet please do so ASAP.


WOO HOO!!! Just made my Monday!


Awesome, who do I send my shipping info and the money for shipping? I had to move back to NL for work before they arrived.


Sent you a DM.


Anyone who hasn’t picked up their jersey yet, I’ll have them at the group ride tonight. Meet me in the BLT parking lot by 7. Otherwise get in touch to make other arrangements.


Woohoo jersey showed up in the mail today, now to wait for the snow to disappear !!


We have one jersey left over. Large long sleeve. $60. First to get in touch takes it.


@Rolls Possible to have it shipped for extra? I don’t know when I’ll be down towards the city next


@Mattcasey303 for sure! I’ll send you a DM with payment instructions.