ECMTB Weekly Ride - 18 Dec 2017 (Monday)


6 weeks maybe?


That SUCKS. Been there many times. You will heal and ride again soon enough.

Drown your sorrows in alcohol over the Holidays. Might not help but it sure as hell won’t hurt


Solid advice!


Sucky for those coder’s wrist, hope you’re covered with wcb or any insurance!. Before you indulge on those holiday ecstacy, check for medication contraindicatives. Though crappy but yes should be healing in no time.


That’s shitty. Healing vibes.


Now that the wrist is well supported, duct tape it to the bars and ride the crusher dust! It will keep you sane!


Some inspiration…


Sorry to hear Jeff.


There goes the other arm, lol.


Cast is off. Still too weak and sore to ride but we’re coming along!

Doc says 4 weeks but I think I can work may way into it.


Good stuff! Maybe some rail trails in your near future.


I hope so!


I’d be up for a rail ride. Just let me know.


I see Seth’s getting in on the action too.


LOL. See, its not just my skillz.


Almost identical injury. Left hand radius fracture.


You nosed into a gap jump too, didn’t you?


Lol, yeah his was more spectacular.

Also, same in that post ride it did not seem too bad. Even rode the rest of ride until swelling set in.