ECMTB weekly ride - December 5th - cancelled


~~~ ECMTB Ride - December 5th ~~~

Where: ~MacDonald Park~
When: ~~~Tuesday, December 5th. 7pm ~~~
Difficulty: ~~~ Beginner ~~~

Notes: ~~~ requires lights ~~~, ~dress warmly~

Let’s do McDonald Park. It’s going to be a clear night and McDonald Park is a fun rip. Charge your lights! And dress warmly.

Post ride Chinese food… heck yes!

  • Going, see you there!
  • Wish I could, maybe next time.
  • Maybe, I’ll let you know.

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This is not an official ECMTB ride.


6:30 start?? Is that right @riderx?


this is sickening for me, have missed out a lot!
Still stuck at work on Tuesdays.
Just a suggestion maybe a second ECMTB ride on another day besides tuesday?


Should be 7pm, sorry, used to the VSC rides.


Due to unforeseen circumstances (work) I can not make it this evening. If anyone else makes it out enjoy the ride!


It’s pretty quiet at the trailhead. Looks like a solo ride.


I’m glad at least someone made it out.


Saw Mike’s message that he wasn’t going to make it. Missed the “cancelled” part in the title. Oh well. It was a good ride anyway.