Empire Trails to Open May 20th


All the trails will be open except the “River runs through it”, which is never open this early in the year, and the new Bunny Trail which is for beginners. Mike wanted to have the Bunny trail open for the weekend but it will be next weekend instead when there will be a hard opening.


Thanks for the update @tommyboy Sounds great…

Worth the trip indeed…


There’s a very basic trail map up now on the [Empire Trails website.] (http://empiretrails.ca/)


I put a map up in the registration hut. It is my own and it has most of the trails. I marked in the new stuff with a marker. There are a group of us riding at 10am for anyone who wants a guide.


Hey! I think I’m going to try and come up for the ride. I’ll post if I don’t think I can make it.


Also interested, but 3+ hours Friday night and 4 hours today for me feeling a bit wiped out. If I feel good in the morning, I’ll try to jump in.


We are having a lazy morning. Might be closer to 10:15 ride start. See ya there


Excellent. I’ll be there for the ride!


Is the trail system rideable with the current maps & signs for a first time visitor?


@maxidodies from the Empire Trails FB page…

“The Empire Trails “Soft” opening is today!
To ride in Gore this weekend, you must be familiar with the trail system or be riding with someone who is.”


Good day of riding in Gore today. The trails are dry and mint. Get out there tomorrow if you can. It starts raining Tuesday!!!


A bunch of us are riding Gore tomorrow at 12:30 for anyone looking for a tour.
Come and have some fun


I’ll try to make it. Anyone from Halifax interested in a ride up with me?


Definitely worth the trip. @MichaelB: was there a change in annual membership cost with the reduction of day pass from $10 to $5? Will definitely be back again!


Seconded @IanMHFX! Thanks to everyone who has put in work on the trails, they were in great shape on Monday. Some nice new additions in the works too.


Rode Empire yesterday- freaking fantastic! Hadn’t been in a while and the trails are in great shape, fast and flowy. Totally worth it!


Agreed. The best $5 I’ve ever spent.


I really need to get out there for a ride, just need to find the time!


Do it!


Definitely! If you find time but need a ride, drop me a line. I’d love to get back out there and would happily give you a lift.