Evil Birch


Another time, then. It’s a fun trail, once you get past the entrance. :wink:


Agreed. My first ride was in there yesterday and the entrance is bit rocky but once your past that your laughing!


@wayners, see pictures for trail enatrance point from quarry.


I’ve heard the quarry folks may not want us riding through their property into Evil Birch anymore. Anyone been in there lately? Would be a shame if we lost the only way into this most excellent trail.


Nobody there on there weekend anyway.


I always thought it was a Sunday only thing for some reason…


I was told they have a new “no biking” sign. I pulled in to the quarry entrance last Sunday and was going to walk up the road to look for it. Before I even got out of my car a lady drove down from the quarry office and snapped a pic of my car and license plate as she drove on out to Kearney Lake Rd. I didn’t bother getting out, I just left.


This would be a real shame. This is honestly one of my favorite trails in HRM. @Rolls I assume this would probably include the way in from the top of the open pit as well?


Yep, both ways in go through the quarry.


I’d still go biking there. What are they going to do?


Oh that would be a loss for sure, here’s hoping they don’t get too aggressive enforcing it. I’d say everyone should stick to weekends when there doesn’t seem to be people around from now on.


@nige ran into a security guard on site today turning away bikers.

Time to look for a new way in, maybe from the kearney lake/maskwa side? There is a trail there that connects, not sure how bikeable it is though.


Just dig your own foxhole into it. Try to find the shortest distance and trench through far enough away from the old entrance with a machete. You might find a couple already if you look hard enough, coulda swore i noticed a few last season, down yonder the road a bit


Not recommended but I go park by Costco or holiday inn lacewood, bike down the side of Hi-way railings not in the road but at the left outside the road shoulder enough to go by the old mucky entrance. So far they haven’t flag me down.


Anyone ever hiked in from Collins Rd.? I might do it this week if I have time.
I rode from Maskwa to Collins Rd. and it’s not very bike friendly.
This area is also very popular with the crunchier hiking crowd, they will take great offense to bikers. An all new entrance may be required.


@fish, I think I saw you just ran around the Suzie Lake system didn’t you?


That looks like it would connect to the end lollipop if I’m reading that correctly? Is that near the final nearly impossible switch back to climb when riding counter clockwise?


I think so.


@nige that’s very tempting! Also for me I would love to see a connection with whopper’s green mile to ebirch someday!


That was a pretty impressive run @Fish! Looks like you took the Hobsons Lake trail from Collins Rd to the Evil Birch lollipop. How was that section?

On the other end, wouldn’t mind hearing what the terrain was like from the end of Green Mile back to Collins Rd.