EWS riders test positive




Apparently adrenergic β2 receptor agonists (anabolic) and amphetamines. Both make sense for enduro.


Saw this the other day on Pinkbike, they also have interviews with the riders. The comments section predictably blew up


Does it ever not?


Pro Cyclists test positive for drugs. Never thought I’d see the day!!


There are no more heroes :rofl:


Can they all just dope and see if who wins? :laughing:


I’m always interested in the number of pro cyclists who “develop” asthma and so therefore are able to get therapeutic exemptions


Is Richie Rude even a real name?


My question is who would pick it as an alias??


They did. It was called 1995-2005


So glad everyone is clean now that Pantani’s passed and Armstrong’s banned.