Fat Bike Etiquette: 10 Dos and Don'ts for Riding in the Snow - Singletracks


I know places to go post ride for refreshments!


This Reminds me to get a decent snowshoe this time. I got my daughter with me and I’ll recruit some tinder foots too. :yum:


I have spent literally hours upon hours snowshoeing Wrandees with my family so that it coudl be ridden, only to have moronic dog walkers traipse through and boot bomb the entire thing. They need to stay off until it freezes.


There used to be some contraption just off the trail at spider lake (ribbon of love?), made out of a wooden board and a couple of old bike forks, I always wondered if it was someone’s attempt at a grooming device-anyone know?


It’s going to happen at Keji. After next summers trail build-out most likely.

Also, Kouchibouguac NP grooms single track specifically for fat bikes. They also have warming huts with stoves etc. Along the trails. It’s pretty flat but still fun.


Is next summers trail build-out what was discussed here: Keji Upgrades? Are there any more details about this available?


Hahaha holly *#@!

You guys were talking about this in 2016! Yes that’s getting built next spring/summer. I’ve spiced it up a little, and it’s longer.


It was a dolley for taking canoes down to the lake


Any pics on that Kiji trail upgrades too?



hahaha sorry, keep you in suspense


Makes sense.


Here on the rock (eastern side) there is a guy with a SnowDog who grooms a couple of trails. I have also heard of a couple of old Elans being outfitted with grooming gear. On the west coast there is a guy with a human powered groomer (he tows it behind himself when snowshoeing). But generally, after a big snow fall, like last night, we wait for all the snowshoers to do their thing.