Fatty Stripper - Tubeless Conversion Kits


I’m just waiting for my orange sealant to come in before I do mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bumping this back up. I’m going to need some rim strips sometime soon, and I’m considering going with either the bling strips or stealth strips.

Anyone else want to go in on some stuff to cut down on the shipping costs?


I missed this thread first time around. A buddy on the NL West Coast has had great success with Fatty Stripper. Personally, I would rather run tubes. I’m not fond of the idea of getting all messy with goop if fixing a flat on the trail.

And I’m not really sure how layering a piece of rubber (similar to a split tube) is any huge weight savings over using a tube. If anyone tries it again, can you weigh the Fattie Stripper strip and post back??

However, I have swapped out the mega heavy duty fatbike tubes that come stock with 26 mtb tubes. Saves a bit of weight. That being said, I just may try the tubeless thing some day.

My $0.03


I used a regular Evo brand wheel liner and Gorilla Tape to set my 45Nrth Wrathchilds/Mulefuts up as tubeless. The weight difference over two standard fat bike tubes was just over a pound. Even with 6 oz of sealant in each tire. Plus, I was able to seat them with a floor pump. I was bathed in sweat, but no need for a compressor! :slight_smile:

And man, do they ever ride well. Way better than the stock garbage Vee Dozers and more compliant/lower pressure than with these tires and tubes.


The latex strip weighs about 38g, I think, lighter than a split tube or gorilla tape. I’ve been involved in some dodgy tubeless hacks before and this was by far the simplest I’ve ever done. Inflated with a floor pump and didn’t even break a sweat. I’ve since done another Fatty Stripper conversion on my new fat bike, went smoothly and inflated with a floor pump without breaking a sweat.

The bling strips look sweet at night!


I’m really surprised that works! Maybe I’m just paranoid of flats, but I was thinking of replacing my 4.0 tubes with bigger ones for my 4.8 tires… maybe I don’t need to though.

I don’t plan on running tubeless as my Surlys fit really loose on the rim and it doesn’t seem worth is to run weatherstrip to make them fit snuggly.


I think my first “upgrade” was swapping out the tubes . . . that was 2014. All my fatties have run 26" mtb tubes. I try to get the downhill ones that are a larger. I have run them in 4" and 5" tires with zero problems.


Interesting. I might have to roll the dice and give it a shot.