Found one: 26er suspension fork Straight(1 1/8) or tapered 9mm QR


In search of a XC fork for my 2010 Giant Trance X4. Let me know what you have. If you have something <$200, That’l be perfect.



Just a head’s up, if you replace the bottom headset cup with an external cup (EC44), you’ll be able to run a tapered steertube fork in that bike. I did this with a 2010 Trance X2 and a Fox fork with tapered steerer. I also bumped the travel up a little bit :slight_smile:

I have a few 1 1/8 forks but they’re all for a 15mm axle. I have one with a QR but the travel is only 100mm, not enough for your bike.


I’ve read that somewhere but now that you’ve confirmed its doable with this bike I should have bought one from CRC. They shipped my order a while ago . Dang!!

Whats the 100mm QR fork that you have?


Cane Creek 40-Series EC44-40 Bottom Assembly


I should have that exact assembly kicking around from my old fat bike frame. Send me a message if you’re interested in the lower headset assembly and we’ll work something out.


I’ll definitely grab that if I can find a tapered fork that will fit the bike.


Note that the Cane Creek insertion depth (15mm if I recall) may be slightly more than the Giant is reamed for, I had to shorten the cup insert to 11 or 12mm. I believe the Hope lower cup only requires 9.5mm of insertion depth.

The QR fork I have is a classic- it’s a Marzocchi Bomber Z1 BAM (coil and oil not air). To be honest, not a good match for your bike, it would really drop the front end. Stick with the stock 125mm or slightly more/less. Personally I’d consider something in the 120mm-140mm range. Longer fork (and increased stack height due to the external cup) will likely void your warranty. Just saying…

Also, I’ll look through my fork stash and see if I have anything else with a QR, I think I might have a 120mm Fox Float RL with QR in there somewhere.


I have a circa 2004 Marzocchi EXR. Only 100 mm travel. I suspect your Trance is probably 120 mm. Only looking for $60 OBO.


Seems like you have hidden treasures in there. That’ll be nice if you have that fox RL. If can find a straight tube that works I’ll take that. Otherwise, I really need to look into changing the lower headset. Will need additional work but more fork options.