FS: 26 Tires, Wheels and Helmet


Selling couple stuffs that I don’t use --> for 26 wheels only. winter tires, tires, rims, 661 Helmet used couple times and brand new never used nobie nicks.
Looking to get 150 for all.


What size is the full face helmet?


Medium 55-61 fits my coconut head well😆


How much do you want for the rear wheel?
Might be interested in the front too.


What would you want for the winters?


if the helmet fits me I would probably take it, how much are you looking to get for it?


Should have asked, are the wheels thru-axle or skewer axle?
I’;m lokking for a skewer axle to replace my rear wheel after destroying the free-hub which ruined my hub.


Sorry for the late reply buds. It’s the helmet that’s left Which I am selling for just 60bucks.

all tire’s and goodies sold to mark at BP. Thanks for the replies.