FS: Shimano 11 speed 11-40t and XT M8000 GS Derailleur (SOLD)


Hey everyone. Decided I wanted a bigger range on my bike so I order a new cassette and derailleur so the ones on my bike are up for grabs. Both have about 400km and and still in very good working order.

The cassette is an 11speed 11-40t and the derailleur is an XT RD-M8000 SG (mid length cage).

The derailleur has one cosmetic scratch from a ride at Fight but the hanger did its job and the derailleur is still worked flawlessly to this day.

I’m not 100% sure on a price so feel free to send me offers. Might be a cheep way to get started on moving to a 1x11.

I just ordered my new parts tonight so I might be a week or so until I can actually part with the ones on my bike but I figured I would post it up anyway.


I might be interested in the derailleur only if you are willing to sell separately, but I’m curious what you are switching to. The medium cage derailleur should be fine for any 1x11 configuration.


Moving to an 11-50t from SunRace and it’s long cage only.


They always say that, but I usually run a smaller cage than called for with Shimano stuff and it works great. Snappier shifts and a more well-protected drivetrain.


Interesting. @Rolls I might need to give this a try. Sadly I did already older a long cage. If my current one will work well then I might try to sell the long cage I ordered. I’ll let you know?


@ghost :point_up_2:


Worst case I will have a brand new long cage for sale for cheep to just try and get some of my cost back @Ghost.

I must of been half asleep when I tagged you @Rolls. Saw ghost and was like “that the bike he rides!” haha.


If it’s Sunrace saying that a long cage is needed for that cassette, they probably are right. The medium cage is rated for a maximum 39 tooth difference, which is exactly what that cassette has, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You’ll most likely need a longer chain though.

I’m only interested in a medium cage. I don’t have an immediate need, but plan to swap the SRAM on one of my bikes to XT when it wears out or breaks so that I’m running the same components on both. If you end up selling the medium cage, let me know.


Will do and yea, I’m expecting to need a new chain but I’ll pick that up at a LBS once the rest comes in.


Bump. All the upgrades are in and the listed parts are off the bike. If anyone is interested in any let me know.


I also wanted to mention I also have a 30t raceface narow-wide up for grabs as well as I desired to go with an oval ring.


Sold the cassette and derailleur. Also started a new post for the chain ring if your interested: FS: Raceface 30T narrow wide 104mm bolt circle