Getting around without a car


From a recent ride on a small trail somewhere near Blue Mountain drive. I haven’t been on a lot of trails and not having a car can be painful (sometimes physically as I have to bike to a trail haha). So my friend borrowed his parent’s car earlier this month and showed me this trail, and now I kinda want to explore more and ride more to get better at it. I got this bike, my first mountain bike, last summer.

I’ve only been to the Fight trail a couple of times (going there this weekend too), as it is the closest trail to where I live (downtown Halifax) and I can go there on my bike. Sometimes I go to point pleasant park and just practice on some of the basic mtb skills and get used to the trail flow, there is a small section there between the woods. I’m also taking summer classes now, so that doesn’t help with finding time to ride more.

How do people here get around if there is no car? As most of the trails that I’ve seen (mostly on instagram) are far, like Irishman’s road.

2017 Pic From Every Ride

@bader, this is a good post. I hope you don’t mind I’m going to make it a topic.


@JeffV sure!


@Bader you could always hop on the bus. There’s plenty of other great trails in HRM within a short ride from a bus stop…whopper, evil birch, spider lake, shubie park, etc.

If you want to join in on a ride outside HRM just post up here that you need a drive. Someone will usually offer up.


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@Rolls ah! Completely forgot that I can put the bike on the buses. It might still be a long ride, but it will probably get me to different trails!

I’ll keep an eye on the rides and maybe join when I’m free! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Yes, a hardtail! I love it.


I ride to trails mostly, and have found Whopper via Chain of Lakes multi-use trail to be one of the easiest/flattest to get to. You can also take Main Ave in Fairview up to Washmill Lake Dr to get to the Burger King entrance. Fight Trail can be a bit worse due to lots of hills during the journey, but gets easier over time. Evil Birch is doable—I recommend taking the Mainland North Linear Parkway which goes straight through Fairview/Clayton Park to the gravel pit you ride through in Kearney Lake to get to the trailhead. I’ve rode to Spider Lake via Ferry but that can be a bit far.

If you’re looking for a very quick rip (to go back and forth a few times basically) there’s a small section of woodsy trails near Saint Mary’s University, at the very south end of Robie, and the other end is at the end of Beaufort Ave.


Jack lake/the range in Bedford is easy to access from the bus.
I too am a bus boy and feel your plight… we’ll have to hook up sometime and ride


I live in the North End of the peninsula. I often ride to the Colta as @lancethedesigner mentioned. I ride to Dominion Crescant, do some fun single track(Whopper Trails), and ride back down. I’ve done the same for Fight Trail, Wrandees, and Spider Lake, and the single track in Shubie. I find Whopper and Shubie is easy to access because you don’t have to go on many main roads. For Shubie, cross the bridge(when it’s open to bikes, soon we hope) cross a park on trails, bike along Dahlih Street to Sullivans Pond, ride around Banook Lake on trails, enter Shubie. All fun multi-use paths to get you to fun single track. The advantage of this is it’ll give you lots of good miles for your fitness. One day you’ll have a car and can smoke us all because of all the extra training you do.


Seriously? This is an issue? When I got my first mtb in 1992 I lived on Victoria in Halifax (where the Queen Street Sobeys is) and biked EVERYWHERE. Kearney Lake, Jimmy’s Roundtop, Area 51. 3-4 days a week I was out exploring on my bicycle. Wow.


last saturday i spent at least four hours on the bike and road three different trails, about 60% off road…