Grey Mountain: Tour Guide?


I rode Grey Mountain for the first time this weekend, and loved the trail system. Would love to know it better and get some insight into the trail building techniques they used. Seems like a LOT of rock got hauled in from somewhere, seems like a pretty massive effort for some of the features. Is there anyone here who knows the system well who’d be willing to share their love and knowledge of the trail?


Hi Ian

Alan Miner is the guy to talk with. He takes a group around on Monday and Wednesday evening, and typically Sunday mornings. He’s done most of the recent rock work in the last year or so. I don’t know if he’s on this forum or not, but he manages the ‘Grey Mountain Geezzers’ page on FB. You can reach out to him there.


I’d like to get there tomorrow evening…let me check to see if we can do a VSC shop ride there.


I can’t make Tuesday or Thursday nights right now, coaching conflict. :frowning:

Saturday afternoon? :smiley:


Could do that…let me check my logistics.


Found the page, will try to join and jump in on some rides. Encourage others to do the same. It’s a bit of a rough, technical trail system but hella fun!


It is that. I enjoy Irishman’s, but I find Grey a better challenge. I rarely leave there when I’m not bleeding a little bit! Took a massive OTB on Monday night that was fueled by a combination of fatigue and overconfidence. No lasting damage, though. It’s definitely more ‘old school’ than some of the more polished systems around here.


Yea. I love Grey Mountain it’s just the right kind of challenging I find. Always going to make you work for your fun but at the same time it won’t make you hate your self for deciding to ride there. @IanMHFX I’m going to join that group as well and maybe try to fit one of the rides into my weekly group ride rotations.


You’d be surprised how much rock you can find with barely scratching the surface. I’d wager they didnt haul any rock but used what was found while digging


If they dug, they did a good job of hiding the e evidence of it. :grin: You’re right about the rocks you can find while digging though.


You would have to see the amount of clean rock on the trails A lot of it never even looked like it was in the ground haha.


This is one of the most underrated trail systems around. Once the site of the Grey Mountain Challenge back in the day. I’ve got to ride there more often.


I agree. I have a lot of fun every time I’m there and build a lot of fitness to boot!


Me too, the first few times I was there scared the crap out of me, but now that I’ve got a sense of the flow and the terrain, I really enjoy it.


24 is the same way. All that gravel came from the dirt


I am glad you like our trails on Grey Mtn please contact me thru FB messenger if you would like a tour.The GM Geezer Group is for new 50 plus beginner riders getting on mountain bikes for the 1st time in years, you would not enjoy. But I love taking riders around and showing off the trails. Thanks again for your kind words, they mean a lot! Alan Miner


Last time I went out with the Geezers it was challenging… Andy MacLean, Brandon and Lonnie Currie, and Alex Levy aren’t slouches.