Hacks and bodges!


That is pretty much what the Mavic bikes had in the Tour de France this year so riders could adjust the seat on their temporary spare.


plasti-dip to finish! Great hack. Thought of something similar for an old LEV I have here. I’m not much of an up/down during the ride adjuster person with these magical posts, so under the saddle is perfect. Pretty sure that’s a perfect space for a tube, co2 and lever as well :slight_smile:


Park Tool Beer Holder BH-1 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Mmmmmm. Good beer!


I thought that was a standard feature!


Good idea Adam, plastidip would work great!


My newest set by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Theses are the Craig Crockers by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


Bike Hack by Douglas Smith, on Flickr


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