Halifax : email your Councillor TODAY to support recreational trails


All – If you think singletrack, and other recreational trails, are an important recreational resource to Haligonians, and worthy of funding consideration, please contact your Councillor today. Their contact info, and more information, is here: http://mcintoshrun.ca/2018/support-recreational-trails-in-halifax/

A short email hitting the following points will do:

  • Recreational trails for mountain bikes, trail running etc are important to you and your family.
  • Halifax could use more and/or better trails, and are the sort of recreational infrastructure you’d like the city to support.
  • You are concerned that NO funding is available for community-supported rec trails, and that would continue in the proposed budget.

Why so rushed? Halifax Council is meeting today to review next year’s budget. Unfortunately, the current proposal would continue Halifax’s past behaviour with regards to trails: NO funding for community-led rec trails.

If you’re a fiscal hawk: It’s important to note that the funding requested for recreational trails by a group of trail groups (MRWA just one), is very small in the context of Halifax’ budget for parks and recreation – less than the cost of a single neighbourhood playground.

Mentioning McIntosh Run trails by name in your letter would be fine (as an example of what you’d like to see more of) but isn’t necessary. Rec trail funding is important to any group that wants to develop recreational trails, including singletrack, in HRM.


Thanks for the reminder Lawrence.



My councillor emailed me back with a thank you!




My councillor has me blocked. I usually DM Waye instead.


Is that even legal? I was under the impression elected officials were prohibited from blocking communications from constituents.

Either way, major douche move. Which councillor?


Give you one guess…


That’s a tough one, there are a number of goofs on council but I’m going to guess my own- Steve Adams?


Heh–no, Matt Whitless.

And to think I introduced that fucker to Whopper.


Ugh, just as bad if not worse.


From what I hear, Steve Adams has been great help with MBH getting something going at Long Lake.


Well, I have to take my hat off to him for that then. I’m still not a fan.


I’m starting to learn that you work with people on the common ground you share and try not to be too black and white on opinions.


Steve Adams was very responsive in helping to clean up the Osprey trailhead at McFight, as well as funding for some boardwalk materials from district discretionary funds.

Individual councillors aren’t the obstacle(or solution) to singletrack in HRM, as I see it. What’s needed is a shift in the HRM Park and Trail bureaucracy and budgeting process. Councillors can together make that change happen. But only if they hear from us. Most are aiming to do the job of representing their constitutents, I think, and like JeffV said common ground can be found.


That’s pretty awesome. Glad to hear he was involved. It definitely takes my opinion of him up a notch.


I have possibly come to this too late, but I have just emailed my Councillor. Too little too late maybe, but perhaps if we keep up the pressure.