New Electronic shifting from SRAM…


Going to be expensive, if you smash one of those on a rock or catch a stick in it!


Time to upgrade! If I had a job.


… In a bike shop.


That would certainly help.


Pass, I arbitrarily draw the line at batteries/wireless/motors, etc. With admittedly zero experience ,it’s just something more to go wrong/not be able to work on myself/become obsolete quicker.
I can appreciate how full-suss, modern geo, hydraulic brakes and dropper posts can increase my endorphin rush in my attempts to get radical-but not this. That being said, if I was a better/stronger rider, I’d just ride my old singlespeed all the time.
Sorry, End rant


Bonus points for the Simpsons video!


Agreed, that Simpsons segment was always one of my favourites, more so now that I’m 50. D’oh! Anyway, electronic shifting is the shit. I have it on a road bike and would kill for it to be on my MTB, so precise and holds/adjusts for wear and tear over time. You can still do your own work on it, you just need to throw a computer in the workshop. And have oodles of cash. Which I do not… Sax a ma phone…


The price will keep it off any of my bikes for a long while. Although I would have liked it when I was having thumb issues.


One time I burnt my right hand thumb and couldn’t use the rapid fire shifters so I put a 7sp thumbshifter on (was able to use it with 8sp though) so I could still shift with the palm of my hand.


I still haven’t made the switch to 9 speed on some of my bikes, let alone 12 with electronic shifters.