Ian's Marvelous Manual Machine


I’ve built myself a manual machine to play with. I’ll post some video when I figure out where I packed my GoPro cameras. :roll_eyes:

2019 Pic from every ride

Looks neat, Ian!


Jeff, did you create the new thread name? :joy::joy::joy:


Cool! I’ve been wanting to make one.


Thanks! The plans I used are simpler than some of the others I’ve seen. I had roughly measured what I needed for the fat bike, then extended his brace measurements by about an inch or so each to account for the bigger tire. I’m also using a wider base plate (2x8) to accommodate the fatty, but a 2x10 might have been better to give a little extra breathing room for the side braces.

His plans are available here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5b8d58c6cc8fedec3a47510b/t/5be8cd940e2e721437ac0483/1541983636289/Lunch+Ride+Manual+Machine.pdf

I’m happy to help out sometime if you want to build one. Hopefully I’ll get good enough that I can then sell/pass on my machine.

EDIT: The beauty of designing this for a fat tire is that, in theory, it should be easy to drop in a shim to handle a narrower tire.


I’ll start off with one of these and work my way up


Hmm …how to make a bunny hop machine…


He does include plans for kicker ramps: https://www.lunchridemtb.com/plans

If you find something for a bunny hop trainer, let me know! :smiley:


Video, as promised. Still early yet, I expect a couple of weeks at least before I’m ready to try with the chain off.


Update: really think I’m making progress. :laughing:


Just in case things are getting too easy…



Even he can’t believe he did it! :grin: