Inverness trails


Any recommended trails around Inverness?


Not much in the way of singletrack. Across the Highlands was in Mabou a few years ago. I can look for the strava route.

Other than that, Celtic Shores rail trail is nice.


Across the Highlands - Mabou. @Yanner was the organizer that year and might have some intel for you.


Hey all,

Thanks for the ping @Rolls

Across the (Mabou) Highlands was possible due to permission to route the course through many sections of private land. To this end, I have to ask that all be mindful of this if trying to do a ride based on GPS data from the event.

Those of you who followed the Na Beinn trails project on Facebook probably knew I had some big plans, but unfortunately, I moved away from the area in Summer 2016. The proceeds from AHC’15 were donated by Na Beinn Trails to the Chestico Trail and Mabou River Trail committees, which are responsible for the two sections of the Celtic Shores that was used in the event.

But, I do come back to the area from time to time. Actually, I’m on my way there right now and brought two bikes! I’m almost wondering if it’d be worth organizing an unofficial ride in the coming two weeks and ride sections of the AHC’15 route and maybe even some stuff that I wish I could have included. Would anyone make the trip? This is a feeler, but if I get a couple takers, I’m happy to organize something. Possible dates would be July 2nd (assuming people have it off), July 7 or 8th or July 14th.

Now, to get back to Jeff’s question, Derek is right, there is not much in the way of (legal) singletrack, especially right in Inverness. But there are tons of fun dirt roads. Sight Point road right from town towards the Highlands would be a good start. And taking the rail trail to Mt Young makes for a great loops also. If you want to connect while I’m in the area for a ride, or to get more information, just let me know.

If there’s any interest in me hosting an unofficial ride in the area, if people post here, I’ll start a new thread with specifics.


Count me in. Just need date and time.


Hey @Yanner good to hear from you again. Would love to get back there for a ride. My summer is filling up quickly though…not sure I can join you, but keep us posted, just may be able to sneak it in.


Hey @Yanner - I did the AHC in 2015 and will be in the area (Port Hawkesbury) the weekend of the 7th. I was thinking about taking my road bike for a Saturday KOM hunt, but funny enough, my bike rack holds 2 bikes! I might be interested in an MTB ride if there was one on offer.



@Maritimer Funny i was thinking of bringing my roadbike and mtb too.

Am I counting 4 of us now?

July 7th is go for me too.


I won’t know for sure until closer to the date.


Alright, let’s do it! Beer and BBQ at my place after. If anyone wants to pitch a tent for the night, I can probably get spousal approval!

Fair warning: I will probably have not been on much of the route before July 7th. It won’t be trimmed back, there might be some hike a bike, but it will be a fun adventure. We’ll take a survey of what everyone is up for and we can use a loop structure like AHC so that there are bail out points. The pace will be slow and steady and it will be a no drop ride of course. Hopefully no one will have a heart attack (happened at AHC’15), no one will miss a turn and end up in Glencoe (happened x2) and maybe I’ll check the tide tables (well all who rode it know we misjudged high tide for that day!).

Pinging @JeffV just to make sure.


I won’t be around but it sounds like others are in.

I’m in Inverness now until Monday but really don’t know my plans. I have a buddy here and we have our bikes. Would love to find a trail to ride for a morning or something. Even an ATV trail would be fun.


@Yanner AHC’15 was a blast. That long descent through the open field straight towards the ocean was epic. The beach ride was pretty cool too, even if it meant a little salt water bath for the wheel bearings. Lol


I get to Port Hood tomorrow (Saturday) Will probably be riding to the Mabou Farmer’s market on Sunday, might be able to hook up for a ride after that in the early afternoon or on Monday. Let me know.

We are actually planning to stop at the Keppoch tomorrow!


Yeah sound good. I’m at inverness campground now.


Yeah, that descent is a lot of work to get to, but I have never experienced anything like riding at speed on a steep grassy incline towards the ocean for a 300 or so vertical feet!


Ok, so here we are!

Pretty psyched about this, should be great!


Hi guys. I think I’m out for this. I can’t commit to a long ride in Port Hood at that time. Would have been nice to touch base again. I’ll be in Port Hawkesbury for a high school reunion Friday/Saturday, but probably heading home on Saturday afternoon.

Having said that…I might hit Keppoch on the way back to Windsor later in the afternoon.

Thanks for organizing Yann!