Kentville Canada Cup


Wow! What an incredible weekend!

The course was awesome even with the rain. The organization was spot on, and everyone seemed to have smiles on their faces throughout the event. Lots of local riders did really well too!

Huge thank you to all the folks involved with the Kentville Canada Cup.

The hard work and dedication of folks like Ryan Lindh, Michelle Marcinkiewicz, the staff of Town of Kentville, and is truly inspiring. A shout out to the members of UCI, Canadian Cycling and Bicycle Nova Scotia that were present as well.

A special thank you to all who volunteered. You were all great, and a pleasure to work with.

Honestly, best weekend of 2018 for me! (so far!)

PS…There are a ton of pics online, check them out. And did you see the suicide no hander over the overpass!


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