Keppoch Jan 28th


Looking to head up to Keppoch possibly on Sunday. Anyone want to go? Carpool?





Just got my dropper post back from repairs today and that sounds like a good place to test it out :slight_smile: I’ll let you know!


Talked to Larissa and I’m in. I’m good with carpooling. I have room for 2 bikes on my car but if more want to come and have more bike room I will help with gas.


We will make plans.


Going to keppoch tonight to check conditions and will update on here


Heads up to all planning on coming that event may be cancelled due to ice ! Couldn’t ride keppoch tonight . Trails are completely ice covered currently ! Suppose to be warm here Saturday so we will see what that brings


Rideable with studs though, no?


All of trail is ice, making it very difficult even with studs. Could do summit and game change but the single track off of east and west is not duable


Looking like there’s going to be 5-10mm tomorrow :frowning: I doubt wet ice will be much fun or safe :frowning: