Last Minute Rides....Who's In?


I’m riding fight around 1, with dog


Too soon for me. Looking like 2pm for me.


McFight at 3:30pm, meeting at Osprey trailhead.


Looking to go tomorrow in the morning… most likely fight.

Any other trails rideable right now? We’ve had so much damn rain lately i dont want to make the trek up to truro or kentville if the trails are all wet still


Shouldn’t be wet anywhere. Below zero temps from now until Friday afternoon. Hero dirt!!


In that case I may just hit victoria park tomorrow afterall I’ll be there probably from 11 to 1


McFight, Flat Lake Loop including the washed out Climb of Champions (not the new trail under construction that we’re staying off!) Sunday at 8:30 at the Osprey cul de sac. So far it’s me and @shadowfox70. Come join us!