Long shot : Looking for rear bmx wheel


Long shot but worth a try, anyone have a rear bmx wheel kicking around they would want to sell? (mainly just need the driver for my hub, freewheel or cassette, if you have one of those!) doesn’t need to be fancy or high end, the driver is skipping in mine when the cranks are under heavy load

HRM - valley area


is it a driver? or an acs freewheel?
if its a driver, what hub is it? we probably have something at the store


Honestly not too sure man id have to check. Whats the price on the cheapest solution?


post a picture?


Was able to pick up a new rim second hand on trade

Came from sportwheels originally lol


Yup, that is a driver style, it is made similar to a cassette hub body. Glad u for it all sorted. Sorry for the delay in response