Looking for 27.5 studded mtb tires


Anyone selling a pair? I’m looking to hopefully buy some, but they are really expensive so buying second hand would be nice! Just let me know!


Are you still looking?


Yes. But I may have to put on back burner. Have some?


Have a brand new set…mounted once…didn’t even get a chance to break them in :slight_smile:


Price? I’m tight on cash right now due to possible maintenance costs. Lol


They are ice spiker pro’s. I’d let them go for $150


Are the pros tubeless ready? Is that the difference?


Not sure on the difference, but these are tubeless ready


I will have to think about it. Would be nice to get out and ride in the winter more. Could you send a picture of them?


will do…I’ll get you one tomorrow…




All Schwalbe Ice Spikers are “Pro”, but there’s an Evolution line (more durable rubber, tubeless ready) and a Performance line (cheaper rubber, not tubeless ready).


Thanks for the clarification Derek