Looking for "garbage parts" for my kids halloween costume



My son wants to be a “Steampunk” for halloween. Thing high-tech but victorian age stuff. Google it. :slight_smile:

Anyways, this entails having a bunch of gears afixed to his costume.

So if anyone has recently thrown out any jocky wheels, or chain rings can you please put them aside for me and I will come pick them up. Thanks!



You can have it all-


Thanks! Where can I pick it up?


What’s good for you? I live in the boonies but I work in Burnside…


I probably have more that can be donated if you’re finding yourself short on supplies.


I’m in Beaverbank. Which boonies?


Williamswood near Sambro. I can bring that stuff to work with me on Tuesday if that works for you…

Could also possibly meet up somewhere over the weekend.


Bonus item:


Where is work ? :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah might have been useful to mention that- I work in Burnside.