Looking For: Headset Bearing MH-P03M


Sucky enough my headset bearing has this screeching sound and having a play needed to be replace .

Looking for saviors here if anyone has a spare MH-P03M cartridge bearing 41.5 36*,m.

This is totally holding my weekend ride into demise.

Let me know if you have one I’ll buy and pick it up asap.



I’m pretty sure that’s equivalent to a standard Cane Creek 1 1/8 cartridge bearing. One of the local shops must have one.

Or pop the seal out, flush and repack it with grease to get through the weekend.


Thanks @gtrguy went to CC, out of stock and they have to order it, I got too late for other LBS calls.

Might as well do that repack and grease, and will see what happens. And yes its the same with cane creek 1 1/8cartridge bearing.