Looking for Sedona advice


Hi all,

I’m heading to Scottsdale, AZ the first week of June for a conference, and thought I’d take the time to make a bike trip of it. I’m going to fly early and spend 4 full days in Sedona before the conference.

Looking for advice from those who have been there on what areas are best to stay, along with any other advice.



@adventurer and @alan_avis have both visited Sedona. They might have some tips.


4 days is not enough :blush:
I will see you Monday night at the trail committee meeting. It is well worth the effort to ride this area.


You can always try The White Line


Nah, I’ll skip that trail!

I bookmarked one property so far, and it happens to be owned by the guy Nate is following that video.


Hi-Line and Hangover are amazing! Just stay focused.