Gemini Bridges


15 people, 14 bikes in a Vanagon-agon


Gemini Bridges. 3 to 400’ straight down from where lola and I are sitting…


The Goonie Bird at the bottom of Mag 7.
Mother nature working wonders!!!


High point of the trip. 11,200ft. Just a little harder to breathe. Still smiling though…


Insert your face here…


I would but I am already in the shot🙃


Why is nobody putting on a wing suit?


Hello everybody, we are starting to fill spots fast for this year’s trip so if you are interested in coming let me know. We are looking at $2300. each for this year’s trip. It has more to do with our dollar at this point. That includes airfare, vans, gas for vans, house, 4 suppers and some lunches cooked by our chef extraordinaire, shuttle service, park permit’s, BLM permit’s, insurance and the last night in a hotel in Denver. So if you wish to see this

while doing this then come join us on an Excellent Adventure


Hey tom, i wish i could make a decision asap but im still pretty tight up as of now interms of immig paperworks and approval. Hopefully i can get all things approved the soonest and will let you know if i could make it up or not for the upcoming sept trip. Thanks


No worries. We can always make room for 1 more with 6 weeks notice so that gives you til mid July.


Hydrate or die when your in the badlands


Curious, @tommyboy: how much room is available on the trip right now? Is there a limit to how many people can be accommodated?


Yeahhh now you’re thinking. I might now be up for this too! Anyone else on the crew?! @Rolls


I’m always up for it. My bank account…not so much.


I leave for the hallowed slickrock lands tomorrow. So excited I can barely handle it.


Have a good trip! And post lots of pictures, please!


There are definitely more spots available! There is a limit to how many we can take but we haven’t hit it yet! Ever!


Hey Ian, We have room for a couple more people right now. We have a couple of people still on the fence too. There isn’t a limit to the amount of people we take. We have had 18 before and it worked out great. We are at 13 right now so still lots of room. The problem is the flights and getting us all on the same one. That is why I ask for the deposit asap. Tell your friends. Lets rip… You too Jesse… Let’s do this thing…


Apparently there is a limit!!! We just haven’t had too many people yet to say “that’s the limit”!!!