Yay! Any ecmtb guys interested in going?


Just refreshing this idea now that everyone is getting their MTBs cleaned up for another riding season. Best price ever!


That looks like an awesome experience!


If you can do it, make it happen. It’s an experience of a lifetime, always great people and absolutely the best tour guides. Definitely worth it!!!


You too can go here…


and do this…


Moab Day 5-41 by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Porcupine Rim by Douglas Smith, on Flickr

Not an experience to miss!


So I have cancelled this years trip. I had a lot of interest from folks but no commitment. We are going to do 5 days of riding in Quebec instead. Keep Moab fresh in your head for Sept. 2019. It seems to be turning into a every 2nd year event which is fine with me. Makes me appreciate it even more…


I’d be much happier spending my money in Quebec than the USA right now. Keep us posted!


Id be down for some quebec touring!


Keep me posted on prices /dates!


count me in the w/quebec tour. just need the dates.


Thinking hard about it.


Definitely interested in a Quebec trip, any rough idea on dates and prices?

@TheGOAT I’ll talk the old man into going too :thinking:


Uuuummmmm so ok, I kinda said “we” as in there were 4 of us going to Quebec. I didn’t point it out to strum up riders!!! BUT we can work it out in groups of 4 kinda thing so if 4 or 8 of you want to come we can make it work. I am looking into lodging and other stuff but haven’t come up with a dollar number yet. I will get it all together asap and give us all an idea of price. I will also give you a bit of an idea as to areas we will be riding.


It would be the week of Sept 22/23 to 28/29.


Hello MTBer’s, It is that time again when I announce the Moab trip. We will be going from Sept. 14-21, 2019. Approx. $2300 each person. That includes flights, trucks, gas for trucks, houses, most meals except breakfasts, shuttles, park entry fees, hotel in Denver for last night. I will need a deposit to secure your spot. There are 12 people already going. As a Mountain Biker you have to make this trip. If not this year at some point do it. Just Do It…