Mont Sainte Anne World Cup?


Anyone else heading up for the World Cup? Going with a couple of friends for a few days of riding and checking our the races. If anyone else is going we could meet up!


Such a great experience. Enjoy!


wish I could go!


Long live chainsaw!


I feel like the chainsaw reference flew over most heads. Here it is explained…Steve Smith ‘chainsaw’ enjoyed most of his success at this race.

Or, even better, in video form


I totally got it, planning making a pilgrimage to the Stevie Smith memorial plaque on the rock drop if it’s accessible. I’ll be wearing my #longlivechainsaw shirt and Stevie Smith socks too!

Shit, now I’m tearing up…


Mont Sainte Anne in 2019 is going to be the venue for the UCI Downhill World Championships. Last time it was held in MSA was in 1998, then again in 2010.


Had a great time at the WC stop this year and already planning on attending the World Champs next year.


Anyone planning on racing the Masters worlds next summer?

I’ll be going to race the DH. Sooo stoked!!


Can anyone sign up for the Masters DH World Cup or do you need to qualify?


Yep! Any one over 30, no qualifications needed.


Do you have a link to the registration page?
I was looking around last night but couldn’t seem to find it.


Not up yet. Their page says “Registration will be open at the beginning of 2019”


Thanks, I’m heavily considering signing up.


Do it!