Mountain Bike Halifax - Founding Meeting - 10 Oct 2017



Totally I would definitely be interested in buying a t-shirt/hat/sticker with that logo!


Yeah the branding is top notch. Nicely done @timber


You’ve got to admit BNS hasn’t exactly been very effective in accomplishing anything as far as MTB trails goes within HRM. Honestly I can’t think of one trail in the whole province that BNS has developed without the initiative from an outside group. BNS is great as a trail association supporter, but doesn’t seem to do any of the heavy lifting (or at least they don’t tell anyone about it).

Plus BNS does have a racer/elitist reputation that is off putting for lots of people. Hopefully Mountain Bike Halifax will be able to avoid that and attract a wider spectrum of mountain bikers from HRM.

Some fresh minds, new ideas and momentum from a new and excited group might be exactly what HRM needs to keep the ball moving after the nudge from MRWA efforts.


Hopefully the two groups can play off each others strengths. BNS is large and MBH is focused on mountain biking in Halifax region.


Considering the size of our community, there will probably be some overlap. Not to mention, BNS oversees all of Nova Scotia, I’m sure someones shorts will be in a knot somewhere if all of a sudden BNS started focusing on Halifax.


True, while I may want to join Halifax MTB or whatever its called, I doubt I’ll ever be a BNS member. I was a license holder for 20 years, the day after I stopped racing I was like, ‘uh, why do I want to give this organization any money again?’.


Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know there is a Facebook group now - Mountain Bike Halifax Association.

Please join and share with anyone who loves mountain biking in the HRM!


If you haven’t noticed, our weekly Tuesday ride has been moved to Wednesday so everyone can attend this MBH meeting. See you there.


Maybe some day all of our Tuesdays rides will be on sanctioned trails. With plenty of well built trails that are resilient to rain to choose from on wet days. Trails that beginners and young shredders can sharpen their skills on.

If we don’t all show our support we will be forever complaining about the state of MTB in Halifax.

As a community we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot but I’m hopeful.

(We are fortunate to have Spider Lake as sanctioned and McIntosh Run is progressing.)


Won’t make it tonight, but want to know what’s happening, and very interested.


Same, I’m child care tonight so I can’t go.


I can’t make it tonight either but I am very interested in lending any talents that I have to the cause


When did Spider become sanctioned? Who has the LUA with the property owners?

Having the land owners being aware and mostly okay with maintaining existing trail is one thing. Having the trails sanctioned by the land owners is totally different.


Maybe I’m wrong, I thought there was an agreement in place negotiated by BNS.?


If you can’t make it, pm me your name, address and email and I’ll see if I can sign you up for the membership list.

Really would like everyone there though.


Nope…Unless that’s very very recent and its being kept a secret… that you just let out of the bag. :wink: Good thing to ask the BNS board members of the crowd tonite.


Nothing out of the bag just old rumors.


Great meeting tonight. Very receptive group. Lots of good questions and positive energy.

We had about 40-50 show up including working group.

@brightwhite, chaired the meeting and was supported by the working group.

I’m sure we’ll have a formal report but basically we presented the group, where it fit in the HRM ecosystem, fielded questions and introduced the interim working board.

The interim board will take the group through to the first AGM in March.

Big thanks to those who expressed their support and especially those who made it. It was great to look through the sign up sheet and see so many familiar and much respected names.


Interim Board
President - Mark Gentile (@Gentile)
Vive President - Bruce Lusby (@bruce.lusby)
Treasurer - Stephen Pelham (@spelham)
Secretary - Jeff Vienneau (@JeffV )
Director of Operations - Scott Morgan (@scott.morgan)

Also these working group members continue to play a big role: Dan Flinn (@coffeebean), Jeff White (@brightwhite), Marc Pike (@marc), Chuck Sutton (@chucsutt), Tim Foster (@timber), Adam Shore (@nimzie )

(Sure hope I’m not forgetting anyone.)


Also Adam Shore (@nimzie)