Mountain biker injured by trail sabotage in Don Valley



What the hell is wrong with people?


That is scary.


I see the related article link below it is the one in Alberta that eventually turned out to be fake.

Nevertheless there are sketchy types out there. It’s been several years, but I’ve previously come across fishing line strung across local trails and in one instance-wire, all at roughly neck height. When I was out west a few years ago a trail sabotage case made a splash in the news- someone was deliberately dragging debris into trails, a crudely fashioned “spear” and was sawing through bridge/ramp supports-finally caught when some bikers gathered evidence over a few weeks with game cameras.


Here it is


Was gonna bring up the barbed liar, what a goof. Crazy what people will do, both the vandals and the fakers


honestly im kind of weary on this one too. Has a stelios vibe. Those look like thorn bush scratches. Not buying it! Also the sad face social media photo op prior to notifying police/ no photo of the actual vandalism/sabotage = fishy


Yup, that came to my mind too. Dude has four linear horizontal scratches on his left bicep, when holding handlebars that would be facing more or less inwards- I can’t picture the mechanism of barbed wire or “razor blade” placement that would cause that. Unless he fell off the bike or had his arm out…


Yeah I hope I am wrong but im calling a Stelios on this one. No photos of the sabotage and the scratches look to be less than i’ve got from walking through thorns. His sad face photo op on social media, and no police report… Hope they get to the bottom of it eithet way. A police officer on instagram commented on the post asking them to file a report…






Sharp stakes? To me she should have got way way more. Would that not be attempted murder. Come on sharp stakes at the end of a trail. What’s wrong with people.