Mountain biking strategy to be looked at for Halifax


If this is a repost…oops.


The commenter, Michael Vandeman seems to have an irrational hate on for mtbrs.


Googling a bit more… this dude is proper obsessed with anti-mtb. Was charged with attacking bikers in California.

Must have seen the article in a google search or something.


Yes, I’ve seen him saying the same thing about MTB in other places. He must be the last of these types. There were a lot of them back in the 90s.


Vandeman has a long history of this nonsense. Just ignore him otherwise he will drown you in verbal diarrhea.


Careful not to say his name too much or we might summon him. He is a complete nut and the last person we want noticing this site.


Don’t take it too personally, according to his bio he also dislikes ATVs, horses, burros, jetskis, rafts and snowmobiles.


Seems like a good guy tho…


Holy shit, I remember getting into it with that asshole 15 years ago.


Yup. He’s been at it for years.

I was just reading through one of his old rants about bicycles, and noticed a tidbit that is interesting. He was a member of a cult in the 70’s. It was called Synanon. (referenced in the second last paragraph of this article: )
I would guess that is where he gets his single minded drive to hate anything that doesn’t fit with his ideals.