MRWA trail work today


Late notice, I just saw this email:

Hello MRWA Volunteers!

Please join us for a trail work session on Flat Lake Trail, Saturday Nov. 24th, 11:00 - 4:30. You don’t need to attend the entire session! Join us for as long as you can/want.

Meet at the Spar Trailhead, (approx. 148 Mica Crescent) in Governor’s Brook Subdivision, Spryfield. We’ll hike about 20 minutes in from the trailhead. If you don’t know your way in the trail system please arrive at 11:00 to hike in with the group. If you know your way in the trail system you can find us working on the Flat Lake Trail. If you arrive late and see lumber at the Spar trailhead, please carry what you can.

We have a variety of tasks, as usual. We will be carrying cut lumber for a boardwalk. If you have a large backpack and are willing to put 1-metre-long boards in it, please bring it. We will also be grubbing, finding rocks, building up wet areas and corners.

Please bring water, work gloves, sturdy footwear, and clothes appropriate for the weather.

Questions? Please email us or call 902-237-0372.

All are welcome - no experience necessary! Thanks and see you out there.

MRWA Trail Committee


Which structure were you working on?


The boardwalk at the bottom of the climb of champions is being replaced.


How’s that boardwalk look now, @Rolls ? Suitable for riding yet?


I wasn’t there this weekend. It was fully framed a week ago though so I suspect it’s probably done now or pretty close. @adventurer would know for sure.


I have not been there for a few days but they are working on it today. That is a lot of wood to carry that far as you can imagine.! I believe they are starting on the decking today. And the rain days are slowing us down.


The boardwalk is rideable after today. We still have a bit of trimming to do, and most deck boards are only fastened down by 2 screws (until we get out there again next week), so don’t do anything too radical on it :slight_smile:

The new climb/descend line above the boardwalk is definitely still off-limits, and is signed as such. The weather (rain + freeze/thaw cycles) have made it impossible to finish for the time being. A few people have been pushing their bikes around the sign and chain to poach it… As they say, it only takes one donkey. Don’t be that donkey.

The new line starts/ends with a berm which crosses right across the old trail. You can ride right over this berm to continue up the old trail (the berm is a giant rock at that location, so won’t be damaged).


Thanks, @Lawrence and MRWA elves!


I saw some pictures on Facebook. That is one dandy boardwalk. I like the whoops that were added to.

Awesome stuff.



That looks SWEET!