Need Marzo Seals


Looking for a set of seals for a 2006 marzocchi drop off iv . seems to be hard to come by. Gettin desperate


Does that fork have 32mm or 30mm stanchions?

Looked it up, 32mm. I have a set of enduro fork seals but they are for the older 30mm forks. They sell them for the 32mm forks too.


What has your experience been like with shipping times/prices? Any issues at border with import /duty fees?


If I recall the shipping was a bit pricey, they came via mail and don’t think I paid anything extra.


Set of unused original Marzocchi seals here:


Cyclesmith probably has some.


Didn’t in the summer but havent tried in a while, worth a shot again! hoping to find some local /at a shop but reluctantly might need to order online. Didnt notice those original Marz seals tho kinda tempting


A few months ago I got a set of Enduro seals off eBay for a 30 mm Marzocchi EXR. I think they cost about $50 including shipping. The LBS looked really hard for seals and called several shops around NS, but couldn’t find any. Found them on eBay within minutes - not cheap, but cheaper than a new fork.


Seems im looking at the same predicament, the shops ive tried are all in the same boat having a hard time getting an order in. Might have to do ebay, definitely dont want a new fork yet i love my old marz


Hard to believe Marzocchi used to be such a major player. We used to stock like a dozen or more seals of 30 and 32. Some 36’s as well, or whatever they were.


Yeah, I rebuilt a 2002 Z5 Coil for my Dad’s old hardtail and I’ve got a '97 Z1 BAM (the classic orange one) that I picked up a while back so I went the Enduro route and grabbed two sets at the same time. My only beef with them is I think they look like crap… why the silly blue rubber? The grey/black of the originals is much better in my opinion.

The price you pay for using old gear I suppose.