New Bike Time


I’m a Kona fanboi but having said that the Process bikes have been VERY well received by riders and the bike media at large- great design and well spec’d out (Pike- yum!). If it was me I’d be going for the 134 but I’ll be sticking with my Cadabra for a few more years I think.


The EX8 looks like the best package ,imho… if you’ve liked the ride of your EX7, why mess with happy.


I bought a 2014 Process 134 about 2 months ago and I really like it. I’ve had it in Banff and Canmore and it absolutely rips on anything downhill. It feels lower than my 26" hardtail so I had plenty of pedal strikes at the beginning. The Trek may have slightly better parts but for me the Process frame makes it worth it.

My biggest knock on the Process was the weight, and the dropper post. Mine weighed something like 32-33lbs when I got it, and I find the seat post sinks when I’m sitting on it so I have to keep raising it.

The 2014 134 was a bit cheaper than the '15, and I got it well below MSRP, which definitely swayed my decision. Mine’s got new brakes and wheels so far. I’ll post a pic tomorrow.


2015 Trek Fuel EX8 ORDERED!!!

Setting up tubeless
Swapping the stem to something longer

Other than that completely stock

Splurged for a new Bell Super Helmet too

Should be here by the end of next week. How the hell am I supposed to sleep for the next week!??!?!?!?


That’s a sweet looking bike, dude!


Thanks Jeff.

The first time I rode it, it felt perfect except the seat felt quite uncomfortable. I suspect that was because I had such a raging f’in h**d on.


(that sounds like something I would have posted 5 years ago on I miss the old me)


Sweet! Congrats on the new bike… new (used) fork day for me yesterday… not quite as exciting. LOL

One piece of advice- get a dropper post… total game changer… for realz.


Dropper posts are pretty exciting, have to admit. Next upgrade…


For sure, remote dropper was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made…


Here is a riddle for everyone.
Name me a dropper post that works well, doesn’t brake often, is easy to service yourself, comes with a two bolt head, and has a decent remote? Does one exist?

I’m thinking a Reverb is probably going to be my next purchase. It’s $300, parts are available easily, how-to’s are littered all over the internet and forums, and the remote is da bomb.



Consider the Giant post. Inexpensive, low maintenance, super easy to fix, great clamp, only needs a shift cable and housing if you snag it, not a hose and bleed kit. I might be biased, but I’ve seen them all. If I rode one, it’s what I would buy.


I’ve heard the giant is really sweet too. My only worry is the single bolt saddle clamp, because I am fat and ride a hardtail.


It’s a pretty solid clamp, not like single bolt clamps of yore. Haven’t heard of a failure with it yet. Keep in mind the rougher stuff will probably actually be easier on the saddle/clamp if you go dropper, because you will be dropping before you hit it.


I put a KS Lev on my bike in the spring. It’s got a two bolt head and has a good remote. No breakage yet with 1200+ kms and I’m close to 200 lbs with gear. Can’t comment on easy of service yet, as I haven’t done any. Installation was easy enough though.


What’s the word on the new ride? Going to be breaking it in this weekend?


Should have it by the weekend. Where am I bringing it?!?!




I got the email. It’s here… I think “it” moved…

Friday is my favorite day of the week. I love me some Friday. But this Friday is NBD, New Bike Day, and I am feeling like an eight year old on Christmas Eve.


So how is the new ride? And where did you go with it?


Yeah @muddy, lets see a picture, bud!

Post it on @JoshM’s topic, maybe: