New Brunswickers invade


A couple of guys from the Saint John area are planning their annual ride trip. We are looking for guides or local riders to ride with us. The plan is to ride in the Halifax/Dartmouth area in the afternoon on October 19th then migrate to the Kentville area for a day of riding on October 20th.

Where: Halifax area and the Valley
When: October 19-20


What’s your goals for Halifax rides @GaryC? Fight Trail (MRWA) ?


I think fight would be the #1. Would love to ride 2 networks on Friday. Certainly open to suggestions but I always liked Spider Lake when I was around. What’s the one closer to Whopper, power Line?


@GaryC in the whopper area…Flipside, Death March and Lake Loop are all fun.


Flip side. I remember scotch on the rocks from that area too. That would be a great area too. You gonna be able to come and escort on a Friday afternoon?


Yeah Scotch too. I should be able to get out. I’ll let you know for sure when we get closer to the date.


VSC does weekly mtb rides in the valley. If you want to join us on Thursday evening, or perhaps I can get someone to lead the way through the trails for you if I can’t escape work early.


If a couple of people were available Saturday, that would be awesome!


We also do a group ride saturday afternoon as well. The time is usually 330 or 4 but we can play with that a bit in this case.


That sounds like it could play into our plans. Is it at a specific trail network or does it move around?


I would definitely be down for a little group ride on the 19th might be the only day off with child care I get when people are actually riding!


Plans are coming together. Looks like we are 4 and will be leaving Saint John around 8:30 which puts us in the Halifax area around lunch. The plan is to ride Fight Trail first then another network if time allows before dark. Is anyone available early afternoon to show us around? @Rolls? @smithers? Not too sure what we plan on doing post ride. Likely grab a bite to eat and a beer before heading down to Leminster for the night. I believe the plan so far is to tackle Greys Saturday morning. If we still have legs left, I think the bird sanctuary was mentioned to me by someone… We rented an cabin through AirBNB that can handle 8-10 people (two buildings on the property) if someone wanted to come down and crash.


The 19th I should be good to go, but I’ll know definitively tonight after my wife gets home from work (gotta make sure the kiddo’s are cared for). I’m likely not the best one to show you around but I’d be happy to ride and show you what I do know about fight as I’ve only ridden it once but it was a blast.


Yep I should be free to take you guys through Fight. I’ll know for sure next week.


I’m good I go for the afternoon of the 19th I’ll be able to ride until about 430 or so, then daddy duty kicks back in


Friday is still looking good for me. I should be free until about 5pm. Plan on at least 2-3 hours to hit all the good stuff at Fight.


Awsome! I’m thinking we should be there between 1 and 1:30.


The trails in and around Kentville took a real shit kicking with the wind over the past two days. Lots of debris on the trails and several trees down in areas. It’s also very wet in some spots.


We’ve suffered some damage here too. We are still planning on coming knowing the weather is not looking the greatest Saturday. Worst case, we sit in, drink beer, tell riding stories about our worst crash ever.


You won’t have any issues at Fight. It’s weatherproof.