New Brunswickers invade


Yeah, weather Friday like fine. Rock doesn’t get very soft and squishy when it rains does it lol.


For those planning on coming out for a rip, we should be at the Fight trail very shortly before 2pm. All are welcome. We are al levels of rider so don’t feel you might be too slow to keep up. We are out to enjoy a great ride at a network we don’t typically ride.


@GaryC there’s a few trailheads to choose from but I’d suggest the cul de sac at the end of Alabaster Way.


Because I am geographically challenged, I actually noted the start point from the last group ride which had that as the start point lol


@riderx I hear you might be available tomorrow (weather pending) to give us a tour of greys.


Hitting grey mountain at 10 if anyone is up for a ride


Here was our day!
We hit Greys first thing. Thank you @riderx for getting us set up. Trailforks (once we started paying attention to it) kept us on course and riding in the right direction. Met up with Allen Miner and he set us up for Kaz. Great network of trails. A true gem!
After a quick lunch in new minas, we headed for the sanctuary. We started a little farther away from the trailhead than we could have but watching a couple minutes of a grinding cyclocross race was a fitting end!

Tomorrow, we will be heading up to scope out flip side, scotch on the rocks and Susie Q. I’ll post when we expect to be at the trailhead if anyone is around and wants to go for a rip!


Heading to scotch on the rocks area to tie flip side and susie q if anyone is up for a ride. Should be there around 10:30-11.


I’m in