Newbie mountain biker


Incase you or anyone else is interested :smiley:


Thx but i just finished work and poured a drink. Sorry , pizza and deink win tonight. Next time?


I am actually going to be starting a womens beginner mtb ride starting May 2nd wed eve at 6:30 pm . We’re going to start that day at Spider Lake. I will be posting more official posts in the next week. Should be some fun with some great ladies. Please join us!


I’ll forward that on to @CyclingGirl.

Spider Lake is kind of a tough one to start beginners on. Lots of rocks and roots, climbing and descending. Stay out of Replicator loop, the Humps and Skull Trail. Inner Peace isn’t too bad. The main road past Skull and Ribbon isn’t too bad - a little rough, but it’s wide, so easy to find a good line.

I’d recommend Macdonald Park or Norawarren to start beginners on. Shubie, with the short singletrack segments out on the MicMac Mall side would be a good option too. Nine Mile is an excellent trail for Newbies (when it’s dry), but it’s a long way out of town.


Thanks for the advice. I’m going to do a real beginner else where as well. I agree i think spider lake is a beginner / novice place to go. Also all depends on who shows up :slight_smile:


Thanks for the invite @Specializedjenn, but I should have mentioned in my previous post that I’m a guy :slight_smile:


Have been thinking about signing up for the adult Sportwheels one (was going to do the West Hants one last fall, but no one else had signed up). But may wait to see what else gets scheduled in case there is one earlier.


Hello @SpecializedJenn, I am Rockhopper’s wife (Cyclinggirl). There were alot of good suggestions for beginner trails. Once the weather gets a little better and the trails aren’t wet, there will probably be lots of people to ride with and show you the trails. Good for you for hosting a Wednesday night ride. I am in agreement with @Rockhopper in that Spider Lake is quite challenging. I wouldn’t consider that beginner but I guess it is all in your perspective and skill level. I love Irishman’s Road trail, Nine Mile River, Seven Bridges/Bird Sanctuary in the Valley, Reservoir Park in Wolfville, Victoria Park in Truro and there are several others. We will probably meet on the trail some time soon and perhaps get out on a ride together. Welcome to the wonderful hobby of mountain biking!


You are welcome to join us on Tuesday evening any time as well!


Thanks @riderx, I will be trying to get out for some.