Nine Mile River Meeting - 26 Mar 2018


There will be a meeting Monday March 26 at 7 PM at the Lower Nine Mile River Community Center, Intersection of Hwy #14 and Enfield Rd. Please plan to attend. Thank you
Please spread the word. - Tyler Dauphinee

The main topic is election of officers , president , vice president , secretary , and treasurer . All in attendance can vote . Wade as submitted a request from the district recreation funds for $20,000 . $12,700 to be spent on the Hemlock Cathedral Trail and $7300 to be spent on the NMR Spur trail , a trail that leads to the rivers edge . I assume that Wade Stubington was in contact with Garnet Mc Cullian to get quotes for this work . Garnet has done all the work on the trails so far . The meeting is open to any of ideas that the public has and to get organized to what and when the work can be done .

Nine Mile River meeting

So much for the email list they were putting together. :roll_eyes:


Yeah, no kidding…


They issued an update as per the agenda. See above.


@IanMHFX are you planning to attend?


Unlikely. I feel that my time was wasted from the first meeting and subsequent communications abyss. I’ll get involved again if they ever develop some real leadership and vision.


Attended the meeting last night, about the same turnout as the last one, a bunch of new faces. Several people were nominated to executive positions and a trail development committee was formed. Definitely a feeling of progress and will to move forward.

I encourage anyone who rides, walks or otherwise enjoys the trails at Nine Mile to join the Facebook group as that seems like it will be the main communication method moving forward. For some reason I can’t seem to find the link to the Facebook page at the moment.

Next meeting is scheduled for April 23 @ 7PM.


Here’s the FB group


Thanks for linking that!


New prez of the trail association posted this on the FB page:

“Could bike clubs contact me who use the trail to discuss how we can cooperate in improving the trail for bikers and hikers… Eric can you have a representative contact me through PM, I am the newly elected President of the trails and would love to get members from your group who are interested involved. Thanks.”

Sounds like there may be more interest to involve volunteers.


@Rockhopper we reached out to Tyler Dauphinee. We’ll see what comes back.


There definitely seemed to be a lot of interest in having mountain bikers involved, it was mentioned several times. They also mentioned wanting to know how the trails could be developed to better suit the mtb crowd along with other users.


That sounds positive.


I am not on FB but would probably help out. Any reason one needs a FB account to at least look at their page.


We will try to keep you looped in. Everyone else too.