Nine Mile River - Meeting!


You can likely get added to the list via Facebook, or you can DAM me your info and I’ll request you be added when I receive the first email.


Thanks! I joined the FB group and sent you a DM. Cheers


I’m not on FB but would appreciate being kept in the loop. DM with contact info has been shared.

For projects such as this, I personally prefer using Google. Maps, spreadsheets, plans, calendar info etc can be shared and controlled easily. Can you tell I am not a FB fan?


So where are we with this? It will be a week tomorrow and no noticeable activity. Is Wade Stubbington still leading this effort?


Here’s the latest from Facebook. Still seems a little disorganized, but the interest is there which is the main thing.


Seems that Wade is still involved


Thanks for sharing. Good to see some discussion at least.


According to the NMR facebook page there is a work party Tuesday Nov 21 @ 8am, if anyone is interested in helping out.


Thanks. Didnt know. The email list is working well…


Quick update: I still haven’t seen a single email, so the email list is likely a non-starter.

I did decide to try updating TrailForks with the proper trail names based on the map that was handed out at the meeting, but I can’t figure out how to share the link so people can confirm that “Slog Loop” is actually called “Hemlock Cathedral”. It might be nice if TrailForks matched the on-trail signage. :slight_smile:

If you’re more TrailForks savvy than I, maybe head over and confirm my changes for Hemlock Cathedral (AKA Slog Loop). Cheers!


Thanks for the update Ian.