Nine Mile River Trail Work Day


Work Day at Nine Mile River Trail.

Projects will include

  • improving trail drainage
  • clearing culverts
  • working on boardwalks - mainly clearing side bumpers to promote drainage and clear debris
  • clearing fallen tree(s)


They are asking for a head count on facebook:

I’m out of town on the weekend but I encourage people to help if you are free.

This is a great trail system for all skill levels. Having better drainage would make it even better.


I’ll be out of town, too. Hoping to that some folks with trail building/maintenance experience will come out.


There is also opportunity to get in on the planning for future trails with this, I think.


Anyone from here make it?


Only 4 people made it out (including the host). A small bit of drainage work was done. The trail was drying up nicely; it was a lot dryer on Sat. compared to 2 weeks ago. There are a few problem areas (wet muddy spots) that don’t appear to have anywhere to drain too (high on both sides). An boardwalk inventory was created. Tree hazards were marked with an “X”, just need someone with a chainsaw to help out.


I couldn’t make it unfortunately, I was helping with my son’s school MTB race team.


Anyone with a chainsaw that would like to do some trimming at Nine Mile River?
(@Wayners? I’m not sure if you make it out there much… but just in case)


Thanks @Joanna for doing the work. I might try to get in there this weekend. There are a few spots I noticed that don’t have easy drains. Some of them might be able to dig some long drains. Others may need some rock armoring or another solution.

I don’t have a chainsaw though. I’d be willing to help someone who does.