Nova Scotia Bike Park Info (Dirt Jumps/BMX/4-Cross/Mountain Bike Skills)


Hey @Russ, it’s a long way from Westmount, but new pump track coming to Port Hawkesbury.


Nice! My hometown is Port Hawkesbury. It’s nice to see this kind of initiative from within a small community.

$20,000 is not nothing, but it’s a pretty modest investment for a community that can engage a bunch of people and doesn’t involve drinking Timmie’s double-doubles in a freezing ice arena.


Amazing news. Bit of a drive but certainly a start. We must show them there is a large community of riders that will use this. Can’t wait, hope they plan to have it done for the fall.



Saw this on instagram. Looks like the Port Hawkesbury track is ready to roll.


That looks sweet!


Looks awesome! A trip to PH might be in order.



New skills park going in Berwick too, thanks to Trailflow


Hmmm zooming out a bit on that trailforks map I see there are several kms of trail near the pump track. Might have to check that out too next time I’m going through.


Growing up there, there were a ton of trails in that area - primarily walking/hiking, but a lot would be rideable.
I thought they had all overgrown by now. I might have to bring my MTB next time I visit dad and do some exploring.


I’d be up for an exploratory ride through new trails. :slight_smile:


There is indeed a tonne of trail around the area where the Asphalt Pump Track is. There’s also Tennis Courts, Ball Fields, Splash Pads, Climbing Zones and some beautiful community gardens. Tying this all together with a well exposed pump track was a goal. As the town moves in to Spring, the park is supposed to get sod/grass and some parking improvements.