Old pics?


Yeah, they seem to have managed to upgrade the article display quite nicely, but the homepage, Buy and Sell and gallery are pretty archaic. With the amount of content and users they have, migrating to a new platform could be something of a nightmare that could kill the entire site.

My agency upgrades and migrates a lot of client sites, but very few of them have the traffic or archive of content that PB has. Hell, few of them would match the traffic ecmtb.com had in its heyday.


If they keep waiting, someone will eat their lunch. I really like what they are trying to do with trailforks, just their UI sucks.


Oh really. I had no idea pinkbike was a Alberta group. I live in Edmonton now and I’m super suprised by all of the trails they have right in the city. Even some DH trails I’ve never seen in a urban area before. But I found Halifax had alot more challenging technical trails with ladders etc than Edmonton has


I’ve got an IDE external harddrive USB enclosure. It looks like I’m missing the power supply for it though. It’s one of those 12V and 5V four pin ones.

You’re welcome to borrow it if anyone has a power supply that would work with it.


It takes a lot to build community. They have the reach now to really impact the direction of the sport. As sponsors and media at every major MTB event in the world, they have a lock on it. Vital is doing a decent job with coverage, but their site experience is the worst I’ve seen in a decade or more. I can’t stand that site, and only watch their raw videos on nsmb or directly on Youtube.

We only dreamed of being able to cover races outside of NS. Nimz and I travelled to a few NB races back in the day. We used to shoot photos and write a story to cover each race, including interviews with the winners and other standout local athletes. It was unsustainable as a hobby though. I used to update the gallery HTML by hand as there was no CMS in 2002. Brutal.


I think I have the same issue (enclosure(s)) without power supplies. More than one of them at that! thanks for the offer. If I do come across one I might be dandy.
@riderx where did you procure this magical device? Is it just a plug? I’d love to have something simple that just powers off USB and works if it existed…


That was the fun part - slaving over HTML on sunday nights to get race coverage done. I think that was the single coolest thing that the site offered - a way to preserve those memories and performances.


It was an amazon purchase, but somewhere local might have it in Hali.



Located the power supply. I figured I had it somewhere. If you’d like to borrow it let me know.


Gotta get those pics up guys… those were the days. You’re right @brightwhite, it was the vibe and the community and the freshness of a massive evolution in biking… freeride. I had East Coast Extreme up and running selling gear around the maritimes and almost opened a brick and mortar here in the Corridor area.

I wanna see the Fall River Freeride Boys and their massive skybridges and 20’ drops, the Miller Tire drop, the urban scene, the races, the mahem… need pics!


Randomly spotted this sticker on a bike locked up downtown today haha.


Man, we handed out a thousand of those stickers at the launch of ecmtb at the Pacifico MTB movie night and within weeks they were on every drive through in the city.


I got one of the cables and that’s how I got the photos I’ve posted. I think the main disk I had is totally dead but there’s still hope in this pile of stuff. I have not found the mother load yet.


aaah, I remember old ECMTB day’s, though, I am quite embarrassed to remember them! I was one of “those” kids.


Still have over 10k emails dating back as far as 2004 from ECMTB.


Pics from the Jay Krantz event ECMTB hosted in 2005.

We hope you're all having a great summer. The weather has been sketchy at times, but we're sure the best is yet to come.

This summer, we are proud to offer the first camps of this kind in the maritimes. We are bringing Jay "Hoots" Krantz of Team Norco/Hoots Gear all the way from North Vancouver, BC to be our chief mentor for these camps. Eric Goss - a speed demon of the highest calibre will be mentoring for one of the camps as well.
Check out Jay's video at 
The camps are presented by ECMTB.com and Norco Performance Bikes.
Sponsored by .243 Racing, Hub Cycle and Sportwheels
ECMTB brings Norco Pro Freerider Hoots Jay Krantz all the way from Vancouver BC for 3 days of intensive how-to-ride clinics covering Dirt Jumping, Park Riding and Downhill. "Hooty" boasts a long and impressive riding resume and we're excited to welcome him to the east coast. As a certified mountain bike coach and instructor Jay has made a name for himself in Vancouver and far beyond as a mentor to young riders. He founded The Dirt Club, an organization in North Van which teaches kids how to build and maintain dirt and skills parks, and recently his efforts as a mountain bike advocate were rewarded with the North Shore Mountain Bike Community Stewardship Award at the 6th Annual North Shore Sports Awards in North Vancouver, BC. Jay is well known as a talented freerider and all-round inspirational dude... check his moves in "Heroes", "Back in the Saddle", or Rubber Side Down.
we will be performing a major overhaul of the HRM Mainland Commons dirt park for this event. Look for new jumps and creative transfer lines!

Click on the link below to read more about the camps:

There are limited spaces available for these camps so register soon!
Please contact:
Sportswheels (ask for Jeff)
209 Sackville Drive, 
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2R5
Hub Cycle (ask for Bruce)
33 Inglis Place, 
Truro, NS B2N 4B5

for registration information.

Thanks again for supporting ecmtb.com over the years. We're continuing to grow as a healthy community and there are many more unique and fun cycling experiences to be had!

Ride on,
-ecmtb.com admin-


A little bummed that Team Sinister isn’t in the waybackmachine.


Did these pics ever get loaded up? I’d love to take a walk down memory lane.



I have a machine sitting on my desk that runs EIDE drives. Just retired it a year ago, but haven’t taken it off the desk yet, in case I’ve forgotten to take anything off it, or need to open files on old software.

There’s a thread from a few months back called, “From the Crypt”, where people were posting old photos and videos:

Oops. Just realizee how old this thread was. Not sure if my info is still relevant.