Perhaps NS may be on to something?



You lost me on this… Is there somewhere they mention we are exceeding per capita or something?

Or was that sarcasm?


As far as east coast riders goes, NS has nothing on NB which has easily double the amount of Trailfucks/Stravaholes users, which is what this data really shows, it doesn’t have anything to do with actual ridership. Nowhere in NS makes the top 10 even when you exclude BC from the data. Federicton is #6 if you exclude BC and its the only city east of Quebec to make that list. NS is way behind in social media posting about riding.


I wonder what percentage of people are visible here vs total.


I thought it was rather encouraging, the PROVINCE, not city, is just out of the top 5. Every other province ahead of NS, markets their locations as MTB or Cycle destinations, we do not, but we finally are working on it. True, the data is a bit skewed, but i dont believe its as far off as you may think. I would imagine most riders use some type of data system to record their miles.
Perhaps if you are not using a data collector perhaps you should, that way there is more data for others to use.


I definitely think theres alot of riders unaccounted for. I for one personally bike to have fun and gtf away from civilization, technology, apps (and people). My phones on me for safety (wife makes me) but its powered off.


I don’t use Strava, and while I sometimes bring my GPS watch I rarely do anything with the data.