Places to Ride for Kids?


We just built a new house right next to the skate park in uniacke, so she loves to go ride around the verts there! But otherwise any of the trails behind the uniacke house she likes to ride, more so as long as she’s on her bike she’s happy! Haha

And yes, the snow is a hinderince right now!! Lol


My 6&9 yr olds love the seaview park races, hemlock ravine park, glenbourne pump track and Lower slopes of keppoch. My youngest is still working on his hill climbing stamina, but my oldest was able to make it to the top of keppoch when he was 7 on a 20inch bike with 7 speeds.
The 9 yr old (now on a 24”) and I would love to get in on a kids group ride if the timing works out-although if it looks like mainly 11ish year olds we could always drop off the back and do our own thing if he can’t hang.


If he made it to the top of Keppoch when he was 7 I’m sure he won’t have any trouble keeping up with the other kids, or even some of the adults :wink:


Depends on the motivation-I’m never sure which version of him is going to show up-the one who’s up for over an hour of a challenging ride, or the one who wants to pack it in after 100m :slight_smile:


My son is 11 but is still a pretty novice rider, like Drgonzo’s kid you never know if he will want to go for the long haul or give up right off the bat. Can be soooo frustrating at times lol


Yup, sounds familiar. My kids do waaaay better riding with a group of other kids than they do on a solo ride with me.


Was thinking the same, that other kids might encourage my son to push a little harder.


The boy and I watch this ad and try to convince ourselves this is not the problem


That was great.


Great ad.


Hahah for any parents with kids in hockey; This is totally true for skates and sticks as well! No that 79.99 stick won’t work; they need the 329 stick; and break it second game!!! :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Both my boys played hockey at a high level and my older one, in particular, played University hockey and could have played pro (remainder of the season and playoffs in the AHL and then likely to the ECHL for a “career”) In his last year of hockey where parents had to pay we spent $16685 for the year. That included our travel to watch him play. We kept track of every penny that year

Have a suck of that…kinda ridiculous when you think of it. I could have had 2 or 3 sweet bikes for that…I wouldn’t change a thing though. Great times


Hockey parent just love thier kids more, I think.


Copied this link from another thread.


I just signed my daughter up! She is going to love this!